David Philips

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The acute toxic effects of hydrogen sulfide have been known for decades. However, studies investigating the adverse health effects from chronic, low-level exposure to this chemical are limited. In this study, the authors compared symptoms of adverse health effects, reported by residents of two communities exposed mainly to chronic, low-levels of industrial(More)
Cement kilns are major sources of toxic air emissions. Regulations based on demonstrated concentrations of specific chemicals, and risk assessments with inherent limitations and uncertainties, are the current methods of preventing exposure to 'unsafe' emission levels. Monitoring data are frequently incomplete. These limitations mandate that residents(More)
Hepatosplenic candidiasis (HSC) is an emerging complication of the treatment of patients with acute leukemia. Treatment of this infection can be very difficult and data on the duration of antifungal therapy are not available. We evaluated the efficacy of amphotericin B lipid complex (ABLC) for the treatment of five patients with acute leukemia and HSC. The(More)
We present a case of inflamed giant sigmoid diverticulum, which was treated under computed tomographic guidance by dilating the neck and decompressing the inflamed diverticulum. The procedure also involved placement of an internal stent across the neck of the diverticulum, the purpose of which was to decompress the giant diverticulum into the sigmoid colon(More)
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