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Neural networks are parallel, distributed, adaptive information-processing systems that develop their functionality in response to exposure to information. This paper is a tutorial for researchers intending to use neural nets for medical decision-making applications. It includes detailed discussion of the issues particularly relevant to medical data as well(More)
Background: Road rage is a concept recently popularised by the press. An association with psychiatric illness is implied from reports of such drivers being “mad”. Previous literature has demonstrated a link between road traffic accidents and mental illness. This study examines the relationship between road rage and psychiatric morbidity. It aims to estimate(More)
Patients in an acute psychiatric ward need to be observed with varying levels of closeness. We report a series of experiments in which neural networks were trained to model this "level of observation" decision. One hundred eighty-seven such clinical decisions were used to train and test the networks which were evaluated by a multitrial v-fold(More)
A survey of psychological disturbance was conducted in a sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinic, using the general health questionnaire, the Crown-Crisp experiential index, and the illness concern questionnaire. Of 381 patients who completed the questionnaire, 158 (43%) had general health questionnaire scores indicating that they were psychiatric cases.(More)
Patients attending a sexually transmitted diseases (STD) clinic were asked to complete the General Health Questionnaire and the Illness Behaviour Questionnaire. Data were collected from 852 patients. One-third of the sample were found to score positively on the GHQ, indicating possible psychological disturbance. Women were more likely than men to score(More)
The implementation of biodegradable stents has the potential to revolutionize obstructive coronary artery disease treatment. Limitations still currently exist, however, that prevent biodegradable stents from replacing permanent metallic stents in the global market. The ideal combination of stent properties, including sufficient mechanical strength,(More)