David Philip Frost

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Neural networks are parallel, distributed, adaptive information-processing systems that develop their functionality in response to exposure to information. This paper is a tutorial for researchers intending to use neural nets for medical decision-making applications. It includes detailed discussion of the issues particularly relevant to medical data as well(More)
Patients in an acute psychiatric ward need to be observed with varying levels of closeness. We report a series of experiments in which neural networks were trained to model this "level of observation" decision. One hundred eighty-seven such clinical decisions were used to train and test the networks which were evaluated by a multitrial v-fold(More)
Constructional radiation protection of X-ray examination rooms is perfectly settled by DIN 6812. The present study was intended to ascertain safe handling of X-rays in the surgical room. The measuring technique with LiF-dosimeters is described, and its results concerning the load to surgical personnel are communicated. Though, with frequent operations, the(More)
A descriptive study of 100 consecutive patients referred for psychiatric assessment from a clinic for sexually transmitted disease (STD) is reported. Thirty six patients presented with physical symptoms for which no organic cause could be found. Various physical and psychological features of the overall presentation of this "somatic" group were identified.(More)
The early and accurate detection of cardiac arrhythmias has been recognized as instrumental in the prevention of sudden death from cardiac disease. In light of this, an arrhythmia detection system utilizing separate atrial and ventricular signals is being developed. As part of this development, an arrhythmia simulator was designed and built to provide(More)