David Paul Maher

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cryptographic keys. Using these mechanisms provides several benefits, including protection of corporate assets. The techniques are also applicable beyond the corporate equity problem to the problem of key escrow in which backup keys can serve the purposes of law enforcement. The recommended system has a threshold property designed so a user can choose among(More)
The strength of a cryptographic function depends on the amount of entropy in the cryptovariables that are used as keys. Using a large key length with a strong algorithm is false comfort if the amount of entropy in the key is small. Unfortunately the amount of entropy driving a cryptographic function is usually overestimated, as entropy is confused with much(More)
Pand Statement. Technology has made it simple and economical to reproduce, distribute, and publish digital information. While enabling increased legitimate uses of digital media, the potential for misuse is multiplied many fold. Increasing Interact piracy is already producing a billion dollar loss in revenues per year to the music industry. As Internet(More)
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