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OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of schizophrenia, its treatment and treatment-related adverse events related to antipsychotics, on quality of life from the perspective of schizophrenia patients and laypersons. METHODS Health state descriptions for stable schizophrenia, extra pyramidal symptoms (EPS), hyperprolactinemia, diabetes, weight gain and relapse(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Calcium homeostasis requires regulated cellular and interstitial systems interacting to modulate the activity and movement of this ion. Disruption of these systems in the kidney results in nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis, important medical problems whose pathogenesis is incompletely understood. METHODS We investigated 25 patients from(More)
executIve suMMary Certain businesses call for a high level of trace-ability to track high value products. This case study of City Healthcare, 1 New Zealand, focuses on the complex management issues related to the initial BLOCKINdecisions BLOCKINto BLOCKINuse BLOCKINradio BLOCKINfrequency BLOCKINidentifica-tion (RFID) technology on such a product, instead of(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors examined the changing patterns of mood before and after an Ironman triathlon, and the relationships between expected performance outcomes, perception of effort and pacing. DESIGN Twelve participants in the 2008 Ironman Austria triathlon competition were studied before, during and after the event. Each participant completed measures(More)
BACKGROUND It is becoming increasingly important for health professionals to have an understanding of health informatics. Education in this area must support not only undergraduate students but also the many workers who graduated before informatics education was available in the undergraduate program. To be successful, such a program must allow(More)
orgAnIzAtIon of tHIs ArtIcle This article is organized around a number of sections. The introduction outlines the rationale of the article and deals with some aspects of open source software (OSS) that make it attractive for software development in the health domain for low-income countries. The methodology section then introduces the framework of(More)
BACKGROUND Paediatric genomic research raises particularly challenging questions on whether and under what circumstances to return research results. In the paediatric context, decision-making is guided by the best interests of the child framework, as enshrined in the 1989 international Convention on the Rights of the Child. According to this Convention,(More)