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Learning from Abroad: The Role of Policy Transfer in Contemporary Policy‐Making
In recent years there has been a growing body of literature within political science and international studies that directly and indirectly uses, discusses and analyzes the processes involved in
Who Learns What from Whom: A Review of the Policy Transfer Literature
It has always existed but there can be no doubt that the rapid growth in communications of all types since the Second World War has accelerated the process. Not surprisingly, the increase in policy
Perspectives on the Use of Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management in Cleveland and Milwaukee
This study examines challenges to integrating gray and green infrastructure for stormwater management, informed by interviews with practitioners in Cleveland, OH and Milwaukee WI.
Learning from America: Policy Transfer and the Development of the British Workfare State
Contents: Preface A Survey of the Historical Development of Religion in Ancient Egypt Introduction The Predynastic and Early Dynastic Communities The Predynastic societies The Dynastic Race The
The Future of Policy Transfer Research
The fact that three contributions address the state of policy transfer research and, to an extent, our contribution to it, suggests that we emphasised, although we did not ‘discover’, an important
German experience in managing stormwater with green infrastructure
This paper identifies and describes experience with ‘green’ stormwater management practices in Germany. It provides the context in which developments took place and extracts lessons learned to inform
Policy Transfer in European Union Governance: Regulating the Utilities
This new book presents a clear conceptual framework for understanding the transfer of policy ideas between EU states, together with an empirical study of regulatory change within European utilities.
British Employment Policy in the 1980s: Learning from the American Experience
During the 1980s the Thatcher Government implemented numerous changes to the British employment system. Most of these changes had the effect of linking the receipt of welfare benefits to an