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We have shown previously that the protease-resistant and neurotoxic prion peptide fragment PrP[106-126] of human PrP incorporates into lipid bilayer membranes to form heterogeneous ion channels, one of which is a Cu(2+)-sensitive fast cation channel. To investigate the role of PrP[106-126]'s hydrophobic core, AGAAAAGA, on its ability to form ion channels(More)
A detailed description of the explicitly correlated second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2-F12) method, as implemented in the TURBOMOLE program package, is presented. The TURBOMOLE implementation makes use of density fitting, which greatly reduces the prefactor for integral evaluation. Methods are available for the treatment of ground states(More)
Halothane hepatitis can be life-threatening, and this severe adverse reaction may arise via an immune process. We have detected autoantibodies to purified human liver microsomal carboxylesterase in sera of 17 out of 20 patients with halothane hepatitis (85%) but not in 9 halothane-exposed controls and in only 2 (at low levels) of 33 patients with liver(More)
With advances in computational power, the rapidly growing role of computational/simulation methodologies in the physical sciences, and the development of new human-computer interaction technologies, the field of interactive molecular dynamics seems destined to expand. In this paper, we describe and benchmark the software algorithms and hardware setup for(More)
To reduce remaining basis-set errors in the determination of molecular equilibrium geometries, a basis-set extrapolation (BSE) scheme is suggested for the forces used in geometry optimizations. The proposed BSE scheme is based on separating the Hartree-Fock and electron-correlation contributions and uses expressions obtained by straightforward(More)
The physical interactions among electrons and nuclei, responsible for the chemistry of atoms and molecules, is well described by quantum mechanics and chemistry is therefore fully described by the solutions of the Schrödinger equation. In all but the simplest systems we must be content with approximate solutions, the principal difficulty being the treatment(More)
Local pair natural orbitals in explicitly correlated electronic structure theory 23.05.13 Dr. Matthew Kundrat Towards the description of ground-state charge transfer at organic interfaces with subsystem DFT Very accurate atomic and molecular quantum-mechanical calculations with and without assuming the Born-Oppenheimer approximation Quantum chemistry beyond(More)
Carbenes of platinum and palladium, PtC3 and PdC3 , were generated in the gas phase through laser vaporization of a metal target in the presence of a low concentration of a hydrocarbon precursor undergoing supersonic expansion. Rotational spectroscopy and ab initio calculations confirm that both molecules are linear. The geometry of PtC3 was accurately(More)