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A model for the emerging area of software complexity measurement of OO systems is required for the integration of measures defined by various researchers and to provide a framework for continued investigation. We present a model, based in the literature of OO systems and software complexity for structured systems. The model defines the software complexity(More)
Cognitive maps are valuable tools for understanding individual and group perceptions. But developing such maps is a resource intensive activity. To reduce required resources, group support system (GSS) technology is proposed as an aid in uncovering cognitive maps. A GSS session was used to develop a cognitive map of users' of object-oriented (OO) techniques(More)
The cognitive activities performed by systems designers during systems development include problem understanding, problem decomposition and solution speci"cation. One aspect of object-oriented (OO) approaches to system design that appeals to many adopting organizations is the purported naturalness, i.e. the consistency of OO approaches with these cognitive(More)
Cognitive fit theory, along with the proximity compatibility principle, is investigated as a basis to evaluate the effectiveness of information visualizations to support a decision-making task. The task used in this study manipulates varying levels of task complexity for quality control decisions in a high-volume discrete manufacturing environment. The(More)
The cognitive diversity of top management teams has been shown to affect the performance of a firm. However, most approaches to measure cognitive diversity never attempt to open the "black box" to understand what makes up the cognitive diversity of the team. This research reports on an approach that identifies diverse belief structures, i.e., cognitive(More)
Object-Oriented (OO)techniques share the characteristics of abstraction, communication, shared behavior, and problem orientation. Graduate students were asked about their perceptions of what is complex about OO systems. Their responses were mapped into the characteristics of OO techniques. Concepts, categories of similar concepts, and cognitive maps reveal(More)
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