David P. Stonko

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Cell migration is essential in animal development, homeostasis, and disease progression, but many questions remain unanswered about how this process is controlled. While many kinds of individual cell movements have been characterized, less effort has been directed towards understanding how clusters of cells migrate collectively through heterogeneous,(More)
INTRODUCTION Current health care systems are rapidly transitioning from the "fee-for service" to the "pay-for performance" model. With this paradigm shift, the providers and payers are constantly striving to determine tools to provide cost-effective and high-quality patient care. Therefore, it is vital to account for the complications and their effects on(More)
The hypoxia inducible factors (Hifs) are evolutionarily conserved transcriptional factors that control homeostatic responses to low oxygen. In developing bone, Hif-1 generated signals induce angiogenesis necessary for osteoblast specification, but in mature bone, loss of Hif-1 in osteoblasts resulted in a more rapid accumulation of bone. These findings(More)
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