David P Sparling

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Overexpression of GLUT4 exclusively in skeletal muscle enhances insulin action and improves glucose homeostasis. Transgenic studies have discovered two regions on the GLUT4 promoter conserved across several species that are required for normal GLUT4 expression in skeletal muscle. These regions contain binding motifs for the myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2)(More)
INTRODUCTION Globalization is changing the nature and structure of agricultural and food markets. In agriculture, globalization is providing producers with new market opportunities, as well as broader options for sourcing raw material and intermediate inputs. The globalization of the food industries is providing consumers with unprecedented choice and(More)
INTRODUCTION Cooperative business relationships are dramatically changing the structure of the North American agrifood sector. An examination of recent events in the grain industry reveals the extent to which cooperative ventures are becoming integrated into international agribusiness. When Cargill decided to expand its presence in Canada it participated in(More)
Issue Major fluctuations in the price of oil combined with the climate change debate have strengthened public interest in the use of biomass as industrial feedstock. There has been a dramatic surge in the use of bio-based resources for fuels and energy generation, primarily as a result of government policy and supporting funding. The worldwide surge in(More)
Mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1), defined by the presence of Raptor, is an evolutionarily conserved and nutrient-sensitive regulator of cellular growth and other metabolic processes. To date, all known functions of Raptor involve its scaffolding mTOR kinase with substrate. Here we report that mTORC1-independent ('free') Raptor negatively(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid dyshormonogenesis continues to be a significant cause of congenital hypothyroidism. Over time, forms of thyroid dyshormonogenesis can result in goiter, which can lead to difficult management decisions as the pathologic changes can both mimic or lead to thyroid cancer. METHODS Herein we describe the cases of two brothers diagnosed with(More)