David P Sowter

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Changes in monocytes and their subsets (CD14(hi)/CD16(neg), CD14(hi)/CD16(pos) and CD14(lo)/CD16(pos)) have been described in several diseases. The combination of CD14, CD16 and HLA-DR has been suggested to discriminate monocytes from the CD16(pos) /HLA-DR(neg) NK-cells and neutrophils but no data exist whether this strategy can be used in situations when(More)
Some animals migrate long distances to exploit important seasonal food resources in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, whilst avoiding winter starvation. Changes in the individual's age and navigational skills are likely to affect migration, which in turn influences the geographic distribution of individuals. Processes such as sexual(More)
Expression of the transferrin receptor (TfR) was studied on peripheral blood blast cells from 11 patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Using a monoclonal anti-TfR antibody (OKT9) and a polyclonal antibody against surface membrane-bound transferrin, a proportion of blasts from all the patients was found to express receptors for transferrin. Further(More)
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