David P Rooker

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A number of new 1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one-based gastrin/CCK-B receptor antagonists related to the archetypal analogue L-365,260, and more closely to the recently reported compound YM022, have been synthesized and evaluated for biological activity. The compounds were screened for their ability to inhibit the binding of [125I]CCK-8 to gastrin/CCK-B receptors(More)
Pyridone-based peptidomimetic inhibitors of recombinant human Interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme (ICE, caspase-1) with an aminomethylene ketone activating group in the P1' position are described. Several analogues with sub-nanomolar Ki's versus ICE and improved aqueous solubility are reported.
Vasopressin (AVP) is a hormone that stimulates an increase in water permeability through activation of V2 receptors in the kidney. The analogue of AVP, desmopressin, has proven an effective drug for diseases where a reduction of urine output is desired. However, its peptidic nature limits its bioavailability. We report herein the discovery of potent,(More)
A library of compounds targeted to the vasopressin/oxytocin family of receptors was screened for activity at a cloned human oxytocin receptor using a reporter gene assay. Potency and selectivity were optimised to afford compound 39, EC50 = 33 nM. This series of compounds represents the first disclosed, non-peptide, low molecular weight agonists of the(More)
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