David P. Quigley

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Administrators often prefer to keep related sets of files in different locations or media, as it is easier to maintain them separately. Users, however, prefer to see all files in one location for convenience. One solution that accommodates both needs is virtual namespace unification---providing a merged view of several directories without physically merging(More)
Unionfs is a stackable file system that virtually merges a set of directories (called branches) into a single logical view. Each branch is assigned a priority and may be either read-only or read-write. When the highest priority branch is writable, Unionfs provides copy-on-write semantics for read-only branches. These copyon-write semantics have lead to(More)
Passive Haptic Learning (PHL) allows people to learn "muscle memory" through vibration stimuli without devoting attention to the stimulus. PHL can be facilitated by wearable computers such as gloves with an embedded tactile interface. Previous work on PHL taught users rote patterns of finger movements corresponding to piano melodies. Expanding on this(More)
Interacting with mobile technology while in-motion has become a daily activity for many of us. Common sense leads one to believe that texting with a mini-qwerty keyboard while mobile can be dangerous since users are distracted and not paying attention to the environment. Previous studies have found that mobility negatively impacts text entry performance for(More)
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