David P. Lovell

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This is the report of the twenty-ninth of a series of workshops organised by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM). ECVAM’s main goal, as defined in 1993 by its Scientific Advisory Committee, is to promote the scientific and regulatory acceptance of alternative methods which are of importance to the biosciences and which(More)
Genetic toxicology data have traditionally been employed for qualitative, rather than quantitative evaluations of hazard. As a continuation of our earlier report that analyzed ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) and methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) dose-response data (Gollapudi et al., 2013), here we present analyses of 1-ethyl-1-nitrosourea (ENU) and(More)
The principal goal of this study was to determine whether the results from a set of selected currently available alternative methods as used by cosmetics companies are valid for predicting the eye irritation potential of cosmetics formulations and ingredients and, as a consequence, could be valid replacements for the Draize eye irritation test. For the(More)
Genetic toxicology studies are required for the safety assessment of chemicals. Data from these studies have historically been interpreted in a qualitative, dichotomous "yes" or "no" manner without analysis of dose-response relationships. This article is based upon the work of an international multi-sector group that examined how quantitative dose-response(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite large numbers of mentally ill offenders in prisons, few studies of mentally ill offenders released from prison have been conducted. This study describes such a population of mentally ill offenders, the postrelease services they received, new offenses they committed, and factors associated with recidivism. METHODS The authors reviewed(More)
Metaphase chromosome preparations were analysed as part of a larger study from a population occupationally exposed to benzene and compared with a control group. Forty eight of the 66 exposed individuals and 29 of the 33 controls had samples in which metaphase spreads could be evaluated. The incidence of chromosomal aberrations (particularly chromatid(More)
BACKGROUND Adhesion formation is common after abdominal surgery. This study aimed to compare the extent of adhesion formation following laparoscopic and open colorectal surgery. METHODS An observational study was undertaken to identify adhesions in patients undergoing laparoscopy after previous laparoscopic or open colectomy. Adhesions were scored(More)
The comet or single-cell gel electrophoresis assay is now widely used in regulatory, mechanistic and biomonitoring studies using a range of in vitro and in vivo systems. Each of these has issues associated with the experimental design which determine to a large extent the statistical analyses than can be used. A key concept is that the experimental unit is(More)
A wide range of experimental designs are used in investigations using the Comet assay. The statistical issues associated with this assay are however not particularly unusual or difficult. It is important however to recognize that the sample rather than the cell is the experimental unit. Statistical analyses based upon measures from the individual cells can(More)