David P Lang

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In his contribution to the Journal of Medical Ethics, Joseph Mazor makes a logical case, based on the premises underlying his reasoning, for his article’s primary thesis: he concludes that parents have the prerogative to determine the ‘best interests’ of their infant son in a circumcision decision. If the facts of the matter were ultimately no different(More)
An experiment is presented that combines the multiple-quantum magic-angle spinning (MQMAS) technique with cross-polarization (CP). As a preliminary test of this new method, we measured and compared the 27Al 3QMAS and 19F-->27Al CP 3QMAS spectra of a fluorinated AlPO4 aluminophosphate. Complete discrimination between the fluorinated and nonfluorinated Al(More)
[Tl(OCH2Me)]4 (1) was reacted with excess HOR to prepare a series of [Tl(OR)]n, where OR = OCHMe2 (2, n = 4), OCMe3 (3, n = 4), OCH2CMe3 (4, n = 4), OC6H3(Me)2-2,6 (5, n = infinity), and OC6H3(CHMe2)2-2,6 (6, n = infinity). Single-crystal X-ray diffraction experiments revealed that in the solid state the alkoxide-ligated compound 4 adopts a cubane(More)
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