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Researchers have often commented on the high correlation between McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity (CC) and lines of code (LOC). Many have believed this correlation high enough to justify adjusting CC by LOC or even substituting LOC for CC. However, from an empirical standpoint the relationship of CC to LOC is still an open one. We undertake the largest(More)
Pair programming purportedly delivers quality code with little productivity loss. The authors' field study, outside the pair programming environment, shows that two-person teams working independently are more productive than those working concurrently; agile methods may overcome inherent productivity losses of concurrent development. This research contrasts(More)
Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs) are an important tool used by software engineering researchers to summarize the state of knowledge about a particular topic. Currently, SLR authors must perform the difficult, time-consuming task in largely manual fashion. To identify barriers faced by SLR authors, we conducted an interactive community workshop prior to(More)
This study examines temporal patterns of software systems defects using the Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) approach. Defect reports from ten software application projects are analyzed; five of these projects are open source and five are closed source from two software vendors. Across all sampled projects, the ARIMA time series mod-eling(More)