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BACKGROUND Reports on complete spontaneous Achilles tendon ruptures and associated treatment have become more frequent in the literature in the past two decades, as has the request for treatments that enable the finest possible functional recovery. The best available treatment is a matter of considerable controversy in the literature. The purpose of this(More)
Early ischemic colitis was induced in rats to evaluate the roles of FRs and intraluminal content. After 30 minutes of ischemia, biopsies for histology, conjugated dienes (CD) and malonaldehyde (M), presumptive marker of lipid peroxidation, were obtained at 0, 30, and 60 minutes reperfusion. Histology was unchanged. CD and M were elevated in ischemic and(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the penetration of gentamicin into the central, midperipheral and peripheral cornea of rabbits following iontophoresis to the central 3 mm of the cornea. Four groups (groups 1-4) of five rabbits (one eye per rabbit) underwent corneal iontophoresis using gentamicin dissolved in agar. Low (1 mg/ml) and high (10 mg/ml)(More)
Segmental bony defects in open fractures of the tibia are bridged with bone grafting, free vascularized fibular grafts, or an external ring fixator. A 33-year-old man sustained a gunshot injury to his left leg, resulting in Gustillo type IIIB open fractures of the tibia and fibula. The tibia had a segmental massive defect of 19 cm in the midshaft.(More)
Skin management, prevention, and treatment of pressure sores is a difficult problem in the care of the terminally ill patient. These terminally ill patients have certain risk factors that make them prone to pressure sores and hinder wound healing. Sixteen patients with 22 noninfected first- and second-degree pressure sores were treated using a(More)
Laser beams with extended depth of focus have many practical applications, such as scanning printed bar codes. Previous work has concentrated on synthesizing such beams by approximating the nondiffracting Bessel beam solution to the wave equation. In this paper, we introduce an alternate novel synthesis method that is based on maintaining a minimumMTF value(More)
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