David P. Goodall

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Robust stabilization of a class of imperfectly known systems with time-varying time-delays via output feedback is investigated. The systems addressed are composed of a nonlinear nominal system influenced by nonlinear perturbations which may be time-, state, delayed state, and/or input-dependent. The output of the system is modelled by a nonlinear function,(More)
Biological networks are prone to internal parametric fluctuations and external noises. Robustness represents a crucial property of these networks, which militates the effects of internal fluctuations and external noises. In this paper biological networks are formulated as coupled nonlinear differential systems operating at different time-scales under(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary mercury concentrations are used in research exploring mercury exposure. Some theorists have proposed that autism is caused by mercury toxicity. We set out to test whether mercury concentrations in the urine of children with autism were significantly increased or decreased compared to controls or siblings. METHODS Blinded cohort analyses(More)
This paper describes a software tool for tracing kernel activity within the SunOS 4.0 operating system. The tool is designed as a pseudo-controller with separate pseudo-devices to capture event streams from various parts of the operating system. A high resolution interval timer is attached to the target system's SCSI port in order to provide hardware(More)
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