David P. Dailey

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The study of the computational complexity of various applied and theoretical problems has become of interest to researchers in a wariety of fields outside pure mathematics in recent years. In part, this is due to the widespread recurrence of a particular class of problems known as NP-complete. Such traditional problems as deciding statements of(More)
There is growing recognition that the paradigms of modern scholarship are shifting with the advent of the World Wide Web and other Internet-based forums. In some specialty areas within the discipline of Information Technology, one frequently hears folkloric wisdom suggesting that the turn-around time for print publication is greater than the useful(More)
Within the last 15 years, a variety of unsolved problems of interest primarily to operations researchers, computer scientists, and mathematicians have been demonstrated to be equivalent in the sense that a solution to any of them would yield a solution to aH of them. This class of problems, known as NP-complete, contains many long-standing problems of(More)
This paper presents certain definitions, results and problems concerning the problem of representing a finite metric space with integer distances within a graph. Results are derived for the special cases of “regular” metric spaces, very small metric spaces, and for those metric spaces contained by cycles and trees. It is shown that a tree is the smallest(More)
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