David P. Campbell

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This study utilized a hypobaric chamber to compare the effects of mild hypobaria (MH; 50 mmHg, approximately 580 m altitude) on blood O2 status and maximal O2 consumption (VO2max) in 9 untrained and 11 trained (T) cyclists with VO2max values of 51 +/- 3 and 77 +/- 1 ml.kg-1.min-1, respectively. In both groups, arterial O2 saturation (SaO2) decreased(More)
This study examined the effect of mild hypobaria (MH) on the peak oxygen consumption ( O2peak) and performance of ten trained male athletes [ (SEM); O2peak = 72.4 (2.2) ml · kg−1 · min−1] and ten trained female athletes [ O2peak = 60.8 (2.1) ml · kg−1 · min−1]. Subjects performed 5-min maximal work tests on a cycle ergometer within a hypobaric chamber at(More)
Paradoxically, the attitude of infertility patients towards multiple births has never been investigated. We therefore generated a survey by questionnaire, which was sent to 3800 consecutive unselected couples with infertility problems: 582 responses were received (15% response rate) and analysed. The percentage distribution of the responses to 21 questions,(More)
Innumerable studies have attempted to demonstrate that hormonal support of the luteal phase during ovulation induction cycles improves pregnancy rates. None has, however, so far been able to confirm the validity of such treatment conclusively, possibly because most studies only utilized progesterone substitution. Since luteal phase endometrium also requires(More)
An increased occurrence of nontuberculous mycobacterial adenitis was observed in children admitted to the Tucson Medical Center for adenitis between 1979 and 1983. All infections were due to Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAI). All isolates were obtained from children less than 3 years old and with symptoms of two months or less. Children with(More)