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New advances in experiments on the random-field Ising model, as realized in dilute antiferromagnets, have brought us much closer to a full characterization of the static and dynamic critical behavior of the unusual phase transition in three dimensions (d = 3). The most important experiments that have laid the ground work for our present understanding are(More)
The equivalent charge noise for long ladder silicon strip sensors is examined in this paper. It is found to deviate from standard estimation formulae. To simulate a long ladder detector many strips on a single detector were connected in a serpentine arrangement. The equivalent charge noise measured for this long ladder detector was much lower than expected,(More)
The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the magnetic properties of bismuth-doped rare-earth orthoferrites, prompted by scientific interest in and the possible device applications of multiferroics. The magnetic susceptibility of single-crystal samples of pure and bismuth-doped orthoferrites was measured as a function of temperature in a range from(More)
The critical exponent beta=0.16+/-0.02 for the random-field Ising model order parameter is determined using extinction-free magnetic x-ray scattering for Fe0.85Zn0.15F2 in magnetic fields of 10 and 11 T. The observed value is consistent with other experimental random-field critical exponents, but disagrees sharply with Monte Carlo and exact ground state(More)
Effects of Cluster Dynamics on the Birth Environment of the Solar System by Donald A Dukes We preformed scattering simulations with the Solar System and other stars to simulate the effects a close encounter would have on the Solar System formation while it is still forming within its birth cluster. Our data from the simulations shows that, contrary to prior(More)
1 ABSTRACT A coil-gun uses pulsed currents of large magnitude to propel ferrous projectiles at high speeds. The various problems associated with high currents and magnetic fields are discussed, as well as the components and design of my experimental coil-gun. I tested the coil-gun at various charge voltages and different projectile sizes, then calculated(More)
A review of the sodium cooled fast reactor(SFR) program in conjunction with a new non-aqueous reprocessing method, pyro-processing, was carried out. The purpose was to assess the viability of the program for future deployment with respect to the Generation IV Initiative criteria of: sustainability, proliferation resistance, safety, and economic(More)
Recent observations have been made of X-ray emissions from natural lightning. Shortly after, observations of X-ray emissions from rocket triggered lightning, an analogous process (described in Part I), were made. Typical NaI(Tl) detector instruments have relatively slow response times and when detecting large bursts of energetic radiation, cannot resolve(More)
The operational details of a proposed pulsed high magnetic field (50 T peak field strength) solenoid with flux excluder are explored. This device will be used for final focusing of the Li + particle beam that will be delivered by the upcoming NDCX-II induction accelerator at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Using the Pois-son/Superfish Group Codes,(More)