David P Bailey

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STUDY OBJECTIVE We evaluate the ability of paramedic rapid sequence intubation (RSI) to facilitate intubation of patients with severe head injuries in an urban out-of-hospital system. METHODS Adult patients with head injuries were prospectively enrolled over a 1-year period by using the following inclusion criteria: Glasgow Coma Scale score of 3 to 8,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if the comparison of acute and chronic workload is associated with increased injury risk in elite cricket fast bowlers. METHODS Data were collected from 28 fast bowlers who completed a total of 43 individual seasons over a 6-year period. Workloads were estimated by summarising the total number of balls bowled per week (external(More)
Die Form des Akromions ist entscheidend mit dem Impingementsyndrom und Rotatorenmanschettenrissen assoziiert. Es ist nur allzu bekannt, daß sich das Akromion mit herkömmlicher Radiographie nur schwierig darstellen läßt. Wir haben MRI-Techniken entwickelt, die es erlauben, das Akromion in seiner longitudinalen Achse darzustellen. Des weiteren haben wir den(More)
BACKGROUND Insufficient intake of selenium (Se) is common in many regions, and can contribute to increased susceptibility to and prolonged recovery from infectious diseases. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of Se administration in decreasing the severity and prevalence of footrot in sheep. ANIMALS Thirty-eight footrot-affected and 19 nonaffected sheep(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of paramedic-administered neuromuscular blocking agents as part of a rapid-sequence intubation (RSI) protocol on successful intubation of severely head-injured patients in a large, urban prehospital system. METHODS Adult head-injured patients were prospectively enrolled over 1 year using(More)
We reported previously that sheep affected with footrot (FR) have lower whole-blood selenium (WB-Se) concentrations and that parenteral Se-supplementation in conjunction with routine control practices accelerates recovery from FR. The purpose of this follow-up study was to investigate the mechanisms by which Se facilitates recovery from FR. Sheep affected(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of alterations in rate of limb movement on Phase III ventilation during exercise, independent of metabolic rate, gait style, and treadmill incline. Subjects completed five submaximal exercise bouts on a lower body positive pressure treadmill (AlterG P 200). The percent body weight for the five exercise(More)
BACKGROUND General surgery residents are often not present for the critical intraoperative discussion between surgeon and pathologist regarding surgical pathology findings. METHODS A prospective pilot study analyzed general surgery resident exposure to surgical pathology. Thereafter, an operating room was equipped to view frozen section images in real(More)
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