David Oyarzun

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A worldwide movement in advanced manufacturing countries is seeking to reinvigorate (and revolutionize) the industrial and manufacturing core competencies with the use of the latest advances in information and communications technology. Visual computing plays an important role as the "glue factor" in complete solutions. This article positions visual(More)
In order to examine the effect of an avatar in natural interaction with elderly users in ambient intelligent environments, we performed an empirical study with elderly people (normal aging, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's patients) not only on subjective but also on objective measures. The data supports the following: 1) The subjects followed some(More)
The article presents the development of an articulated three-dimensional avatar, which is capable of speaking in several languages and moving through a virtual environment. The work has been centred in the following tasks: modelling a whole articulated body avatar based on H-Anim specification; developing body animation techniques based on VRML and Inverse(More)
Last years, a new fashion over Internet and computer networks has been established: the 3D virtual worlds. Reports about Future Internet predict virtual worlds will play a major role in the configuration of the future network. They bet on those virtual environments will encompass the ability to become highly adaptive to user preferences (having into account(More)