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In this seminar we will examine the article \The innuence of learning on evolution" by Stefano Noll and Dominico Parisi. Learning and evolution are two complex processes which innuence the development of individuals in a given population. The innuence of evolution on learning is easily explainable in a Darwinian framework, but the opposite innuence { that(More)
We present an efficient online subpath profiling algorithm, OSP, that reports hot subpaths executed by a program in a given run. The hot subpaths can start at arbitrary basic block boundaries, and their identification is important for code optimization; e.g., to locate program traces in which optimizations could be most fruitful, and to help programmers in(More)
In this document we will briefly discuss several topics: 1. Hybridization 2. cDNA clustering 3. Analyzing gene expression data These topics will be addressed very briefly. The interested reader is referred to the bibliography for more details on these subjects. As we have already seen, under normal conditions, the DNA molecule is composed of two strands.(More)
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