David Olivieri

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Through numerical simulation, we have studied the nucleation and annihilation of two-dimensional optical vortex solitons hosted in finite size light beams. Our study covers a wide range of angular momentum l> or =1, also referred to as its topological charge. We demonstrate that surface tension of light beams prevents beam filamentation for a certain range(More)
Tissue membranes are boundaries that isolate organs or cavities in the body. These semi-permeable membranes are responsible for passive protection that acts through the regulation of nutrient absorption, secretion and filtration of small molecules. These functions could be altered as a consequence of inflammation or trauma, which in turn could lead to(More)
We describe a real-time computer vision application that creates sound from virtual musical instruments by tracking hand and finger movements with a color-based Sequential Monte Carlo algorithm. We show how the combination of real-time hand tracking, virtual MIDI SoundFont technology, and computer graphics, can be used for producing powerful yet inexpensive(More)
We describe a new algorithm to transcribe musical note complexes from polyphonic piano music. Our method is a spectrogram based algorithm, which uses a robust peak detection scheme and forms note complexes by multiple sample conditional probability in the context of a time-frequency based finite state space approach, where note onsets are determined(More)
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