David Olalekan Afolabi

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Abstract—The Zigduino is an open-source Arduino compatible microcontroller platform with an integrated 802.15.4 radio. The Loosely-coupled Component Infrastructure (LooCI) is a component-based middleware for building sensor network applications that runs on the Contiki operating system, which provides IPv6 networking. In this paper, we describe our approach(More)
This paper explores use of Hough transform to detect and track angular changes between a series of images acquired by vision sensors attached to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and are used in traffic surveillance. The small size and atmospheric conditions can lead to unstable flying and this can induce vibration to the pictures. In this research it is(More)
As functionalities in mobile devices have increased significantly in recent years, they have become primary means for staying connected through emails, instant messaging, voice and video calls. These services rely on mobile networks data connection or Wi-Fi connections which are cheaper and faster. They enable communications while moving from one location(More)
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