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This article addresses an aspect of racial residential segregation that has been largely ignored in prior work: the issue of geographic scale. In some metropolitan areas, racial groups are segregated over large regions, with predominately white regions, predominately black regions, and so on, whereas in other areas, the separation of racial groups occurs(More)
An approach focussed on resolving identity of subjects in a photo using mobile device connectivity, Web services and social network ontologies is presented in this paper. A framework is described in which mobile device sensors, Web services and ontologies are combined to provide meaningful photo annotation metadata that can be used to recall photos from the(More)
In order to create and deliver innovative new products and services at an ever increasing rate, manufacturing enterprises must adopt a deliberate and systematic approach to managing the drivers of innovation. Managing the enterprise's knowledge base and converting intellectual capital into useful products and services is fast becoming the critical executive(More)
This paper presents an approach to semi-automate photo annotation. Instead of using content-recognition techniques this approach leverages context information available at the scene of the photo such as time and location in combination with existing photo annotations to provide suggestions to the user. An algorithm exploits a number of technologies(More)
PURPOSE Screening tool of older people's prescriptions (STOPP) and screening tool to alert to right treatment (START) criteria were first published in 2008. Due to an expanding therapeutics evidence base, updating of the criteria was required. METHODS We reviewed the 2008 STOPP/START criteria to add new evidence-based criteria and remove any obsolete(More)
Business process collaboration is one of the most significant factors driving today's global business development. Researches and applications such as business process modeling, workflow interoperability, web service and ambient intelligence have been involved in this area. However, a holistic understanding is missing. To clarify the requirements and build(More)