David O'Gwynn

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Non-traditional, relaxed consistency, triple store databases are the backbone of many web companies (e.g., Google Big Table, Amazon Dynamo, and Facebook Cassandra). The Apache Accumulo database is a high performance open source relaxed consistency database that is widely used for government applications. Obtaining the full benefits of Accumulo requires(More)
Big Data (as embodied by Hadoop clusters) and Big Compute (as embodied by MPI clusters) provide unique capabilities for storing and processing large volumes of data. Hadoop clusters make distributed computing readily accessible to the Java community and MPI clusters provide high parallel efficiency for compute intensive workloads. Bringing the big data and(More)
This paper describes a novel tool for analysis of polygonal surface meshes, based on a modified breadth-first traversal of mesh vertices. The value of this technique lies in the fact that it relies only on mesh connectivity, making it invariant to model pose and transformation. It does this by leveraging the close relationship between geometry and(More)
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