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We present an OpenCL compilation framework to generate high-performance hardware for FPGAs. For an OpenCL application comprising a host program and a set of kernels, it compiles the host program, generates Verilog HDL for each kernel, compiles the circuit using Altera Complete Design Suite 12.0, and downloads the compiled design onto an FPGA.We can then run(More)
Contemporary field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design requires a spectrum of available physical resources. As FPGA logic capacity has grown, locally accessed FPGA embedded memory blocks have increased in importance. When targeting FPGAs, application designers often specify high-level memory functions, which exhibit a range of sizes and control(More)
Hardware acceleration using FPGAs has shown orders of magnitude reduction in runtime of computationally-intensive applications in comparison to traditional stand-alone computers [1]. This is possible because on an FPGA many computations can be performed at the same time in a trulyparallel fashion. However, parallel computation at a hardware level requires a(More)
Embedded memory blocks are important resources in contemporary FPGA devices. When targeting FPGAs, application designers often specify high-level memory functions which exhibit a range of sizes and control structures. These logical memories must be mapped to FPGA embedded memory resources such that physical design objectives are met. In this work a set of(More)
In this paper we propose to apply a recent performance measure function called Omega (Shadwick and Keating (2002)) to the portfolio allocation choice problem. Threshold Accepting which is one of a number of powerful global Optimisation Heuristic developed during the eighties and neighties will enable to solve the investor’s program. In order to model(More)
INTRODUCTION Calcium pyrophosphate deposition (CPPD) may cause severe arthropathy, major joint destruction and treatment options are limited. The aim of this study was to test the therapeutic efficacy of methotrexate (MTX) in chronic or recurrent CPPD arthropathy. METHODS Patients with CPPD arthropathy were randomized to receive either weekly subcutaneous(More)
Metastability is a phenomenon that can cause system failures in digital circuits. It may occur whenever signals are being transmitted across asynchronous or unrelated clock domains. The impact of metastability is increasing as process geometries shrink and supply voltages drop faster than transistor Vts. FPGA technologies are significantly affected since(More)
The author presents a surgical technique that he has used since 1964, where the excess of the abdominal wall is excised in monobloc and “ab-initio”, geometrically planned, after simple and previous clinical evaluation. This strict geometrical approach, besides facilitating and making easier the undermining of the supraumbilical flap and hemostasis, shortens(More)
In this article, the degree of interdependence between European and US stock markets is measured by the conditional correlation between stock returns: the correlation coefficient is estimated using a model describing the variations over time in a number of variables (returns and volatility, for example), and its estimate takes account of all available(More)
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