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Although clinical experience suggests that individuals who have been bereaved as a result of suicide may be especially vulnerable to adverse sequelae, such as unusually severe grief or increased risk of committing suicide themselves, the idea that this type of bereavement is special has received only limited systematic investigation. The authors review the(More)
Results from the National Resident Matching Program for the years 1980, 1983, and 1987 were used to examine changes over time in the matches of U.S. medical students to residencies in cities with high concentrations of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and to specialties in which the care of AIDS patients was most concentrated. Medical(More)
Discussing medical treatment options and risks becomes a more complicated task when patients have psychiatric problems. Such patients may perceive risk and judge options differently from usual, they raise special issues about informed consent and competency, and they may present special needs and stresses in the physician-patient relationship. This article(More)
OBJECTIVE To present and develop "connectedness" as a linguistically based concept for research and teaching of the medical and psychiatric interview; and to illustrate how this concept may be operationalized for systematic study and use. METHODS We describe the concept and its theoretical background, illustrate it with examples, and describe a basic(More)
Media planning consists of (1) establishing a desired market; (2) finding media (in particular, periodicals and television shows) which reach that market; and (3) allocating advertising funds to these media. This paper discusses the design, implementation and operation of an interactive, terminal -based computer system which manages a large data base and(More)