David Nation

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The host-guest interactions between ortho-, pyro-, and tripolyphosphate anions and the mono and dinuclear copper(II) complexes of the hexaaza macrocyclic ligand BMXD (3,6,9,17,20,23-hexaazatricyclo[,15)]triaconta-1(29),11(30),12,14,25,27-hexaene) were investigated by potentiometric equilibrium methods. Ternary complexes are formed in aqueous(More)
Measurements of adsorption isotherms of a series of thirteen mono- and di-phosphonic acids have shown that these bind strongly to the surface of high surface area aluminium trihydroxide. The incorporation of such phosphonates into a suspension of aluminium flake in an aqueous medium, modelling the continuous phase of a water-based paint, greatly suppresses(More)
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