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Cellulosomes are multi-enzyme complexes that orchestrate the efficient degradation of cellulose and related plant cell wall polysaccharides. The complex is maintained by the high-affinity protein-protein interaction between two complementary modules: the cohesin and the dockerin. In order to characterize the interaction between different cohesins and(More)
A cluster (27 kbp) of genes responsible for the biosynthesis of the amphipathic, polysaccharide bioemulsifier emulsan from the oil-degrading Acinetobacter lwoffii RAG-1 was isolated and characterized. The complete sequence of this cluster, termed wee, consisted of 20 ORFs. One set of 17 ORFs was transcribed in one direction, while a second set of three(More)
The genes associated with the biosynthesis of the polymeric bioemulsifier emulsan, produced by the oil-degrading Acinetobacter lwoffii RAG-1 are clustered within a 27-kbp region termed the wee cluster. This report demonstrates the involvement of two genes of the wee cluster of RAG-1, wzb and wzc, in emulsan biosynthesis. The two gene products, Wzc and Wzb(More)
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