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Haploinsufficiency of the SLC2A1 gene and paucity of its translated product, the glucose transporter-1 (Glut1) protein, disrupt brain function and cause the neurodevelopmental disorder, Glut1 deficiency syndrome (Glut1 DS). There is little to suggest how reduced Glut1 causes cognitive dysfunction and no optimal treatment for Glut1 DS. We used model mice to(More)
Although modern techniques such as two-photon microscopy can now provide cellular-level three-dimensional imaging of the intact living brain, the speed and fields of view of these techniques remain limited. Conversely, two-dimensional wide-field optical mapping (WFOM), a simpler technique that uses a camera to observe large areas of the exposed cortex under(More)
Hillman EMC. 2017 Correction to 'Wide-field optical mapping of neural activity and brain haemodynamics: considerations and novel approaches'. After publication, a mistake was identified in equation (2.7); the denominators in the equation should have a minus sign rather than a plus. The corrected equation is provided here.
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