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We take as our premise that it is possible and desirable todesign systems that support social processes. We describe Loops, aproject which takes this approach to supporting computer-mediatedcommunication (CMC) through structural and intemctive propertiessuch as persistence and a minimalist graphical representation ofusers and their activities that we call a(More)
Despite the vast amount of research conducted on Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA), there is still not consensus on what causes an individual to be more or less authoritarian. However, researchers have consistently found RWA to be strongly related to perceptions of threat. In the field of developmental psychology the concept of attachment style is thought(More)
Astrocytes communicate with neurons, endothelial and other glial cells through transmission of intercellular calcium signals. Satellite glial cells (SGCs) in sensory ganglia share several properties with astrocytes, but whether this type of communication occurs between SGCs and sensory neurons has not been explored. In the present work we used cultured(More)
The current study aimed to determine the differential efficacy of a cognitive-behavioural treatment program for female pathological gamblers delivered in individual and group format. Fifty-six female pathological gamblers with electronic gaming machine gambling problems were randomly assigned to the control (waiting list) group or one of the treatment(More)
This study reports challenges in recruiting patients for a randomized controlled trial of homecare telemedicine. Descriptive statistics on patient eligibility for home-care telemedicine services and patient refusals for participation are provided. Frequency counts of reasons for study exclusion and participant refusal and Chi-square tests to compare race(More)
A focal and transitory inflammation induced by injection of complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) in the submandibular skin of mice elicits pain behavior that persists for several weeks after the initial inflammation has resolved. Chronic pain, assessed as tactile hypersensitivity to stimulation with von Frey filaments, was evident from 1-7 weeks following CFA(More)
The current study was an exploratory investigation of the selection of controlled gambling as a goal of treatment for female pathological gambling. Specifically, it aimed to explore: 1) the popularity of controlled gambling as a goal of treatment; 2) the reasons pathological gamblers select abstinence and controlled gambling as goals of treatment; and 3)(More)
The current study aimed to provide a preliminary evaluation of the differential efficacy of a cognitive-behavioural treatment program for female pathological gamblers delivered with the goals of abstinence or controlled gambling. The findings were based on the comparison of pathological gamblers selecting abstinence and pathological gamblers selecting(More)
The Interface Construction Set (InterCONS) is a visual language and environment. It consists of: a data flow language; an editor for building and testing data flow programs, and for making presentation views of the programs; libraries for holding completed programs; and a presentation system for interacting with finished programs and sequences of programs.(More)