David N. Saul

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The "Equilibrium Model" has provided new tools for describing and investigating enzyme thermal adaptation. It has been shown that the effect of temperature on enzyme activity is not only governed by deltaG(double dagger)(cat) and deltaG(double dagger)(inact) but also by two new intrinsic parameters, deltaH(eq) and T(eq), which describe the enthalpy and(More)
vM1370 attachedprocessor support is discussed from the point of view of adding radical new function to an existing operating system. Three major design decisions are described, and performance is analyzed as it relates to those decisions. This paper discusses the design and implementation of the attached processor (AP) support first available in Release 4(More)
Obtaining the sequence of nucleotides that constitute a gene or segment of DNA involves extracting DNA from a cell, amplifying the number of DNA molecules, purifying, tagging the ends of the fragments with fluorescent dyes, and reading off the nucleotide sequence from the ends of the fragments. Currently separate, often large instruments are used at each(More)
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