David N. Milne

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This paper describes how to automatically cross-reference documents with Wikipedia: the largest knowledge base ever known. It explains how machine learning can be used to identify significant terms within unstructured text, and enrich it with links to the appropriate Wikipedia articles. The resulting link detector and disambiguator performs very well, with(More)
relatedness between terms using the links found within their corresponding Wikipedia articles. Unlike other techniques based on Wikipedia, WLM is able to provide accurate measures efficiently, using only the links between articles rather than their textual content. Before describing the details, we first outline the other systems to which it can be(More)
The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a vast repository of information. For developers and researchers it represents a giant multilingual database of concepts and semantic relations; a promising resource for natural language processing and many other research areas. In this paper we introduce the Wikipedia Miner toolkit: an open-source collection of code(More)
Wikipedia can be utilized as a controlled vocabulary for identifying the main topics in a document, with article titles serving as index terms and redirect titles as their synonyms. Wikipedia contains over 4M such titles covering the terminology of nearly any document collection. This permits controlled indexing in the absence of manually created(More)
Wikipedia is a goldmine of information; not just for its many readers, but also for the growing community of researchers who recognize it as a resource of exceptional scale and utility. It represents a vast investment of manual effort and judgment: a huge, constantly evolving tapestry of concepts and relations that is being applied to a host of tasks. This(More)
Domain-specific thesauri are high-cost, high-maintenance, high-value knowledge structures. We show how the classic thesaurus structure of terms and links can be mined automatically from Wikipedia. In a comparison with a professional thesaurus for agriculture we find that Wikipedia contains a substantial proportion of its concepts and semantic relations;(More)
Document similarity measures are crucial components of many text-analysis tasks, including information retrieval, document classification, and document clustering. Conventional measures are brittle: They estimate the surface overlap between documents based on the words they mention and ignore deeper semantic connections. We propose a new measure that(More)
This paper describes Koru, a new search interface that offers effective domain-independent knowledge-based information retrieval. Koru exhibits an understanding of the topics of both queries and documents. This allows it to (a) expand queries automatically and (b) help guide the user as they evolve their queries interactively. Its understanding is mined(More)
This paper shows how Wikipedia and the semantic knowledge it contains can be exploited for document clustering. We first create a concept-based document representation by mapping the terms and phrases within documents to their corresponding articles (or concepts) in Wikipedia. We also developed a similarity measure that evaluates the semantic relatedness(More)
This paper introduces a new shared task for the text mining community. It aims to directly support the moderators of a youth mental health forum by asking participants to automatically triage posts into one of four severity labels: green, amber, red or crisis. The task attracted 60 submissions from 15 different teams, the best of whom achieve scores well(More)