David N. J. White

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STUDY QUESTION How effective is supported computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (cCBT) as an adjunct to usual primary care for adults with depression? METHODS This was a pragmatic, multicentre, three arm, parallel randomised controlled trial with simple randomisation. Treatment allocation was not blinded. Participants were adults with symptoms of(More)
BACKGROUND Hgb A1c levels may be higher in persons without diabetes of lower socio-economic status (SES) but evidence about this association is limited; there is therefore uncertainty about the inclusion of SES in clinical decision support tools informing the provision and frequency of Hgb A1c tests to screen for diabetes. We studied the association between(More)
BACKGROUND Recruitment to clinical trials remains a challenge, particularly in primary care settings. Initial projections of participant recruitment need to be as accurate as possible in order to avoid the financial, clinical and ethical costs of trial extensions or failures. However, estimation of recruitment rates is challenging and often poorly executed,(More)
INTRODUCTION People with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) require insulin therapy to sustain life, and need optimal glycaemic control to prevent diabetic ketoacidosis and serious long-term complications. Insulin is generally administered using multiple daily injections but can also be delivered using an infusion pump (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion), a more(More)
This paper describes a (6-8) variant of the Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential, for computing the energy of non-bonded interactions in molecular mechanics calculations, which combines the overall precision of the Buckingham (6-exp) potential with the computational efficiency of the standard Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential. There is also a note on the radius of(More)
White DJ (2015) Challenges in transferring knowledge between scales in coastal sediment dynamics. " Packaging " coastal sediment transport into discrete temporal and spatial scale bands is necessary for measurement programs, modeling, and design. However, determining how to best measure and parameterize information, to transfer between scales, is not(More)