David N. J. White

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This paper describes a (6-8) variant of the Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential, for computing the energy of non-bonded interactions in molecular mechanics calculations, which combines the overall precision of the Buckingham (6-exp) potential with the computational efficiency of the standard Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential. There is also a note on the radius of(More)
Animal models of early life stress (ELS) are characterized by augmented amygdala response to threat and altered amygdala-dependent behaviors. These models indicate the amygdala is a heterogeneous structure with well-differentiated subnuclei. The most well characterized of these being basolateral (BLA) and central nucleus (CeA). Parallel human imaging(More)
OBJECTIVE Early life trauma (ELT) is a significant risk factor for the onset of depression. Emerging findings indicate ELT is associated with enhanced amygdala reactivity to aversive stimuli in never-depressed healthy controls as well as those with acute depression but may be absent in non-ELT exposed depressed. The precise mechanism mediating these(More)
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