David N Dubins

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Oligodeoxyribonucleotides (ODN) with repeats of the human telomeric sequence can adopt different tetrahelical conformations that exhibit similar energetic parameters. We studied the volumetric properties of the folded and unfolded states of an ODN with four repeats of the human telomeric sequence, d[A(GGGTTA)(3)GGG], by combining pressure-perturbation(More)
We have measured the transition temperatures, T(M), and van't Hoff enthalpies, DeltaH(M), of the thermally induced native-to-unfolded (N-to-U) and molten globule-to-unfolded (MG-to-U) transitions of cytochrome c at pressures between 50 and 2200 bar. We have used the pressure dependence of T(M) to evaluate the changes in volume, Delta(v), accompanying each(More)
We applied ultrasonic velocimetric and high-precision densimetric measurements to characterizing the helix-to-coil transition of the GGCATTACGG/CCGTAATGCC decameric DNA duplex. The transition was induced either by temperature or by mixing the two complementary single strands at isothermal conditions. The duplex dissociation causes increases in volume and(More)
We employed a combination of densimetric and ultrasonic velocimetric techniques to characterize the volumetric properties of the association of the cAMP-binding domain (CBD) of EPAC1 with cAMP at 25 °C in a pH 7.6 buffer. The binding of cAMP to the CBD of EPAC1 is accompanied by changes in volume, ΔV, and adiabatic compressibility, ΔKS, of -59 ± 4 cm(3)(More)
Guanine-rich DNA sequences that may form G-quadruplexes are located in strategic DNA loci with the ability to regulate biological events. G-quadruplexes have been under intensive scrutiny owing to their potential to serve as novel drug targets in emerging anticancer strategies. Thermodynamic characterization of G-quadruplexes is an important and necessary(More)
We used molecular dynamics (MD) simulations in conjunction with the Kirkwood-Buff theory to compute the partial molar volumes for a number of small solutes of various chemical natures. We repeated our computations using modified pair potentials, first, in the absence of the Coulombic term and, second, in the absence of the Coulombic and the attractive(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to characterize the diffusion of methodological innovation. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Comparative case study analysis of the diffusion of two methods that summarize confounder information into a single score: disease risk score (DRS) and high-dimensional propensity score (hdPS). We completed systematic searches to(More)
The kinetics of the helix-coil transition have been studied by performing UV-monitored melting and reannealing curves of DNA and analyzing the resultant hysteresis between these curves. The analysis assumes a single-step bimolecular transition with duplex formation defined as the forward reaction. Volume parameters of the helix-coil transition were obtained(More)
In a potassium solution, a modified 22-meric DNA sequence Pu22-T12T13 from a region proximal to the transcription initiation site of the human VEGF gene adopts a single parallel-stranded G-quadruplex conformation with a 1:4:1 loop-size arrangement. We measured the thermal stability, TM, of the K(+)-stabilized Pu22-T12T13 G-quadruplex as a function of(More)
Partial molar volume, V°, has been used as a tool to sample solute hydration for decades. The efficacy of volumetric investigations of hydration depends on our ability to reliably discriminate between the cavity, V(C), and interaction, V(I), contributions to the partial molar volume. The cavity volume, V(C), consists of the intrinsic volume, V(M), of a(More)