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BACKGROUND Gynaecological laparotomies are associated with considerable adhesion-related burdens; however, few data are available concerning laparoscopic surgery. This study evaluated the epidemiology of adhesion-related readmissions following open and laparoscopic procedures. METHODS Records from 24,046 patients undergoing gynaecological surgery in(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Explore characteristics of nonrestorative sleep (NRS) in prospectively defined subgroups of individuals with NRS symptoms, investigate whether NRS can occur independently of difficulties initiating and maintaining sleep (DIS/DMS), and determine its effect on waking function. DESIGN Cross-sectional and longitudinal population-based study(More)
AIM To assess the risk of death in patients who survive at least 5 years after diagnosis of childhood, adolescent or young adult cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS This was a population-based retrospective cohort study using linked national cancer registry and mortality records in Scotland. The study population consisted of 5229 individuals who were diagnosed(More)
OBJECTIVE The Surgical and Clinical Adhesions Research (SCAR) and SCAR-2 studies demonstrated that the burden of adhesions following lower abdominal surgery is considerable and appears to remain unchanged despite advances in strategies to prevent adhesions. In this study, we assessed the adhesion-related readmission risk directly associated with common(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to quantify the risk of adhesion-related readmissions after abdominal surgery in children. METHODS This was a population-based study. One thousand five hundred eighty-one children younger than 16 years underwent laparotomy in 1996. Patients were identified from the Scottish Morbidity Records database and followed up for 4(More)
OBJECTIVES Adhesions are associated with serious medical complications. This study examines the real-time burden of adhesion-related readmissions following colorectal surgery and assesses the impact of previous surgery on adhesion-related outcomes. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study used data from the Scottish National Health Service Medical Record Linkage(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data associated higher mortality with medical rather than surgical intervention in patients with ulcerative colitis who require hospitalization. AIM To examine factors influencing UC-related mortality in Scotland. METHOD Using the national record linkage database 1998-2000, 3-year mortality was determined after four admission types:(More)
BACKGROUND Survivors of childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer are known to be at risk of late effects of their disease and its treatment. Most population-based studies of cancer survivors have reported on second primary cancers and mortality. The aim of this study was to research acute and psychiatric hospital admission rates and length of stay in(More)
AIM Symptomatic diverticular disease (DD) may be increasing in incidence in western society particularly in younger age groups. This study aimed to describe hospital admission rates and management for DD in Scotland between 2000 and 2010. METHOD Data were obtained from the Scottish Morbidity Records (SMR01). The study cohort included all patients with a(More)