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Biology of Tetrix bolivari (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
The ecological requirements and biology of the Tetrigidae are almost unknown. The aim of the present work is to contribute to the knowledge of Tetrix bolivari, one of the least studied species ofExpand
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Weather-dependent microhabitat use by Tetrix tenuicornis (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
For ectothermic animals, selection of a suitable microhabitat is affected by a combination of abiotic and biotic factors. Also important is the trade-off between those microhabitats with optimalExpand
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Synonymy of Discotettix adenanii Mahmood, Idris & Salmah, 2007 with D. belzebuth (Serville, 1838) (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae).
According to a study of type specimens of Discotettix adenanii Mahmood, Idris & Salmah, 2007 and copious specimens of D. belzebuth (Serville, 1838) collected in different parts of Borneo, we foundExpand
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Software for Visual Insect Tracking Based on F-transform Pattern Matching
We introduce a problem of tracking small animals, especially insects. Expand
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Data Analysis of Multivariate Time Series of Insect Tracking
In this paper, we study the effect of a temperature and transmitter's weight on a field cricket's movement. Expand
Seventh year of extensive mapping of orthopterans in the Czech Republic
V soucasne době probiha rozsahle mapovani rovnokřidlých po cele Ceske republice, jež povede k publikaci atlasu rozsiřeni. Vlastni mapovani, tzn. terenni výzkum, je realizovano jako každorocniExpand
Effect of substrate on the risk of being washed away by floods for the Groundhoppers Tetrix subulata and Tetrix tenuicornis (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Inundation zones of rivers are risky environments for terrestrial animals because of the regular or irregular occurrence of floods. Although animals in these zones have evolved several strategies toExpand
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