David Munoz

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OBJECTIVE Research investigating the impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) in community samples of adolescents has been limited. This study aims to identify sexual abuse among ethnically diverse high school adolescents of both genders and evaluate their psycho-emotional consequences. METHOD Through the use of self-report instruments, a sample of 223 Latino(More)
UNLABELLED The healthcare system in the United States is spiraling out of control due to ever-increasing costs without significant improvements in quality, access to care, satisfaction, and efficiency. Efficient workflow is paramount to improving healthcare value while maintaining the utmost standards of patient care and provider satisfaction in high stress(More)
Vehicular networks can facilitate a set of new different services such as automated payments, security alerts, commerce, infotainment, etc., so they are relevant in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems as well as in the context of Smart Cities. However, due to the harsh conditions in which they are developed, for example nodes moving at very(More)
Effective knowledge dissemination is important to promote the adoption of new concepts and tools. This study aims to provide a framework that assesses strategies for successful knowledge dissemination in a research collaboration network. We propose a Markov-chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) approach along with Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA) to model a social network(More)
The communication of complex concepts is a challenge for teachers, not only in primary and secondary schools but in university classrooms. In order to adapt and maximize the impact of the lectures on the class, it is necessary that teachers receive frequent and reliable feedback from their students. Currently, such feedback is typically gathered through(More)
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