David Morgenthaler

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Subsethood is the degree of containment of one fuzzy set in another, usually expressed as a value in the unit interval. We extend Kosko's definition of subsethood to Type-n fuzzy sets, for which subsethood is a Type-(n-l) fuzzy set on the unit interval. We then show how to compute subsethood for general Type-2 and interval Type-3 fuzzy sets.
– Best Fit Least-Squares (BFLS) is a required technique for many STEM subjects. It is a method to compute a linear model for a set of data points. Due to its utility, BFSL is frequently taught to STEM students before they have sufficient mathematical experience to follow the mechanics of a derivation. Not only does this fail to produce procedural and(More)
Worked with Partners Doug Cole and Ed Kania on new deal flow and due diligence for medical device ventures. Lux Capital – Entrepreneur-in-Residence (Venture Capital) Worked with portfolio vaccine company Genocea Biosciences with founder/CEO Rob Paull to recruit and hiring senior scientists. Also new deal flow/due diligence.
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