David Montesinos

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This paper provides a review of the literature addressing sensorless operation methods of PM brushless machines. The methods explained are state-of-the-art of open and closed loop control strategies. The closed loop review includes those methods based on voltage and current measurements, those methods based on back emf measurements, and those methods based(More)
There has been tremendous growth in the use of modern digital signal processors (DSP) in control and other applications in the past few years. While courses offered in the electrical and computer engineering disciplines cover such topics as mobile and digital communications, image and sound encoding and decoding, few courses focus on the use of DSP in(More)
The panel is about the basic/required MIS course in Latin-American MBA programs. Given the current insufficiency of qualified MIS faculty in Latin-America this course is frequently taught by faculty from other areas and its content is often highly technical. The panel (introduced and moderated by Dr. Carlos Ferran) will discuss the current and the ideal(More)
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