David Moilanen

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Twenty families participated in a random assignment trial of two cognitive psychoeducational preventive interventions for families with parental affective disorder. Twelve families were assigned to a clinician-based intervention and eight to a lecture-based intervention, with assessment prior to intervention and an average of 18 weeks following(More)
Prostacyclin was examined for its inhibitory effects on the tumor cell-induced platelet release reaction. Prostacyclin inhibited in a dose-dependent manner tumor cell-induced release of platelet dense granules and alpha-granules concomitant with an inhibition of platelet aggregation. Release was determined by assay of biochemical markers (serotonin for(More)
High-altitude inhabitants have cardiovascular and respiratory adaptations that are advantageous for high-altitude living, but they may have impaired cognitive function. This study evaluated the influence of altitude of residence on cognitive and psychomotor function upon acute exposure to very high altitude. Ecuadorians (31 residing at 0–1,500 m [LOW], 78(More)
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