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This review summarizes a collection of lactic acid bacteria that are now undergoing genomic sequencing and analysis. Summaries are presented on twenty different species, with each overview discussing the organisms fundamental and practical significance, environmental habitat, and its role in fermentation, bioprocessing, or probiotics. For those projects(More)
Thiel for bringing various errors to my attention. Chapter 1 p. 19 Should read: In Fig. 1.13(a) the metal has donated charge to the semiconductor space-charge region. The enhanced charge density in the space-charge region corresponds to an accumulation layer. In Fig. 1.13(b) charge transfer has occurred in the opposite direction. Because the electron(More)
  • Robin A. Prager, Mark D. Manuszak, +8 authors David Mills
  • 2009
NOTE: Staff working papers in the Finance and Economics Discussion Series (FEDS) are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment. The analysis and conclusions set forth are those of the authors and do not indicate concurrence by other members of the research staff or the Board of Governors. References in publications to the(More)
BACKGROUND Biomineralization is a process encompassing all mineral containing tissues produced within an organism. One of the most dynamic examples of this process is the formation of the mollusk shell, comprising a variety of crystal phases and microstructures. The organic component incorporated within the shell is said to dictate this architecture.(More)
In this paper, we take an organizational view of organized crime. In particular, we study the organizational consequences of product illegality attending at the following characteristics: i contracts are not enforceable in court, ii all participants are subject to the risk of being punished, iii employees present a major threat to the entrepreneur having(More)
The mathematical foundation of the relational data model has contributed to the widespread use of relational database systems. This mathematical foundation gives a clear meaning to the data, provides a basis for database design, allows the use of simple declarative query languages, and enables queries to be optimized automatically. However, the relational(More)
This paper develops and applies methods to quantify and monetize projected impacts on terrestrial ecosystem carbon storage and areas burned by wildfires in the contiguous United States under scenarios with and without global greenhouse gas mitigation. The MC1 dynamic global vegetation model is used to develop physical impact projections using three climate(More)