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  • Todd Klaenhammer, Eric Altermann, Fabrizio Arigoni, Alexander Bolotin, Fred Breidt, Jeffrey Broadbent +30 others
  • 2002
This review summarizes a collection of lactic acid bacteria that are now undergoing genomic sequencing and analysis. Summaries are presented on twenty different species, with each overview discussing the organisms fundamental and practical significance, environmental habitat, and its role in fermentation, bioprocessing, or probiotics. For those projects(More)
BACKGROUND The need to identify and try to prevent adverse health impacts of climate change has risen to the forefront of climate change policy debates and become a top priority of the public health community. Given the observed and projected changes in climate and weather patterns, their current and anticipated health impacts, and the significant degree of(More)
The mobile group II intron of Lactococcus lactis, Ll.LtrB, provides the opportunity to analyze the homing pathway in genetically tractable bacterial systems. Here, we show that Ll.LtrB mobility occurs by an RNA-based retrohoming mechanism in both Escherichia coli and L. lactis. Surprisingly, retrohoming occurs efficiently in the absence of RecA function,(More)
  • Kiriaki Panagopoulos, Sam Cross-Knorr, Christen Dillard, Dionysios Pantazatos, Michael Del Tatto, David Mills +4 others
  • 2013
Extracellular vesicle (EV) trafficking is a fundamental cellular process that occurs in cells and is required for different aspects of pathophysiology. EV trafficking leads to changes in cellular function including apoptosis, angiogenesis and proliferation required for increased tumor formation. We report several phenotypic changes mediated by EVs isolated(More)
OBJECTIVE Compare the rates of change with age in tests of hearing function that measure the peripheral and central segments of the auditory system. DESIGN Cross-sectional cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred forty-one volunteer members of a dementia surveillance cohort aged 71 to 96 yrs selected by having sufficient and symmetric auditory function to(More)
BACKGROUND Biomineralization is a process encompassing all mineral containing tissues produced within an organism. One of the most dynamic examples of this process is the formation of the mollusk shell, comprising a variety of crystal phases and microstructures. The organic component incorporated within the shell is said to dictate this architecture.(More)
Age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) is thought to result from age-related degeneration (aging) of the cochlea plus the cumulative effects of extrinsic damage (noise and other ototoxic agents) and intrinsic disorders (e.g. systemic diseases). Previous studies have implicated dysfunction of the hair cells (sensory presbycusis) as the principal mechanism of(More)
  • Janet Martin, Goa Tau, Meena Nathan Cherian, Jennifer Vergel de Dios, David Mills, Jane Fitzpatrick +2 others
  • 2015
OBJECTIVE To assess capacity to provide essential surgical services including emergency, obstetric and anaesthesia care in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in order to support planning for relevant post-2015 sustainable development goals for PNG. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING Hospitals and health facilities in PNG. PARTICIPANTS 21 facilities including(More)
This book sets out a model for disease prevention through community engagement and education. Community Prevention Educators (CPE) are the agents of change. The book states its purpose as dual: to describe the benefits of the CPE; to describe the important elements of a CPE programme so that others may inform their own prevention strategy. The book is(More)
This paper investigates the large and unexpected increase in cigarette prices that followed the 1997 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). We integrate key features of rational addiction theory into a discrete-choice model of the demand for a differentiated product. We find that, following the MSA, firms set prices on a more elastic region of their demand(More)