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After a flurry of early activity stemming from high expectations, organisations involved in building expert systems are becoming more reticent to invest. Part of this reticence stems from an inability or unwillingness to evaluate current systems. This paper presents an exploratory study in identi@ing measures for evaluating the success of expert systems in(More)
In 1999 Walter Isaacson wrote in Time magazine " Ring farewell to the century of physics, the one in which we split the atom and turned silicon into computing power. It's time to ring in the century of biotechnology. " 1 Forecasts for our future suggest that the revolution in biotechnology will bear rich fruit and that over the coming decades we will unlock(More)
The late 19th century witnessed a remarkable growth of knowledge concerning the functions of the brain. The excitability of the cerebral cortex was first reported by Gustav Fritsch (1838-1927) and Eduard Hitzig (1838-1907) in 1870, followed by the classical investigation of cerebral localization by David Ferrier (1843-1928). Ferrier's identification of(More)
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