David Mikolas

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I. Ahmad, Sam. M. Austin, B. B. Back, R. R. Betts, F. P. Calaprice, K. C. Chan, A. Chishti, C. M. Conner, R. W. Dunford, J. D. Fox,* S. J. Freedman, M. Freer, S. B. Gazes, A. L. Hallin, 11 Th. Happ, D. Henderson, N. I. Kaloskamis, E. Kashy, W. Kutschera, J. Last, C. J. Lister, M. Liu,, M. R. Maier, D. M. Mercer, D. Mikolas, P. A. A. Perera, M. D. Rhein, D.(More)
I. Ahmad,1 Sam M. Austin,2 B. B. Back,1 R. R. Betts,1,3 F. P. Calaprice,4 K. C. Chan,5 A. Chishti,5 C. Conner,3 R. W. Dunford,1 J. D. Fox,6 S. J. Freedman,7 M. Freer,1,8 S. B. Gazes,9 A. L. Hallin,10 T. Happ,1,11 D. Henderson,1 N. I. Kaloskamis,5 E. Kashy,2 W. Kutschera,1 J. Last,1 C. J. Lister,1 M. Liu,10 M. R. Maier,2 D. J. Mercer,2 D. Mikolas,2 P. A. A.(More)
The beta-delayed alpha-particle emission from ' N has been studied and the absolute beta decay branching ratios of "N to the 13 and 14 states in ' 0 measured. The "N nuclei were produced using a 35-MeV/nucleon Ne beam and a thick Ta target. Reaction products were separated (from the beam) using a reaction products mass separator. A silicon telescope(More)
The non-uniform intensity profile of Gaussian-like laser beams used in interference lithography (IL) leads to a non-uniform dose and feature size distribution across the sample. Previously described methods to improve dose uniformity are reviewed. However, here we examine the behavior of the non-uniformity from the viewpoint of photoresist response rather(More)
The properties of nuclei far from stability provide a stringent test of the validity of shell model Hamiltonians derived from data for nuclei near the valley of stability. Failure of shell model calculations to extrapolate to nuclei far from stability may indicate a breakdown of symmetries assumed in the model. Such a breakdown may provide evidence for new(More)
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