David Mendlovic

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The navigational tasks of computing time to impact and controlling movements in speciÿc range are addressed here. We show how time to impact can be obtained via the Mellin-based correlator, and we introduce the concept of fractional based correlators. The fractional Fourier=Mellin based correlators can be used in detecting or controlling speciÿc range of(More)
We present an optical data reconstruction method to be used for cancer diagnostics via cytological and histological images. The approach allows realizing extended depth of focus and data compression using wavelet transformation that is realized optically with very low computational complexity. The extended depth of focus and the compressed images are(More)
The navigational tasks of computing time-to-impact and controlling movements within specific range are addressed here. By using specially designed lenses various components of these procedures, consisting of mathematical transformations, can be provided at image acquisition time, and therefore, speed up execution time. This s t u 4 discusses the optical(More)
A contrasted statistical processing approach to obtain improved probabilities of false alarm when performing automatic target detection is presented. The technique is based on analyzing each sector of the image and comparing it with surrounding windows in which the desired statistical property is calculated. The contrast of the statistical property is(More)
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