David McNicol

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Preface There is hardly a field in psychology in which the effects of signal detection theory have not been felt. The authoritative work on the subject, Green's & Swets' Signal Detection Theory and Psycho-physics (New York: Wiley) appearedjn 1966, and is having a profound influence on method and theory in psychology. All this makes things exciting but(More)
The version of the acetabular and femoral components in 111 primary total hip arthroplasties was prospectively evaluated intraoperatively by the surgeon and compared with postoperative computed tomography (CT) scan measurements. Intraoperative estimations by the surgeons for acetabular and femoral components were all within 10 degrees to 30 degrees(More)
A new and syntactically more complex version of the Token Test was developed to investigate the comprehension of complex syntax in schizophrenia. Results suggested that schizophrenic patients as a group demonstrated an impairment of comprehension proportionate to a reduction in the syntactic complexity of their spoken language, which had been demonstrated(More)
This study consists of (1) the extraction of proteoglycan from the human meniscus under dissociative conditions, (2) an investigation of the changes that occur in the abundance and structure of this proteoglycan with age and (3) a comparison of these findings with those for human articular-cartilage proteoglycan. Adult meniscus was found to possess(More)
The extent to which auditory, tactile, and visual perceptual representations are similar, particularly when dealing with speech and speech-like stimuli, was investigated. It was found that comparisons between auditory and tactile patterns were easier to perform than were similar comparisons between auditory and visual stimuli. This was true across a variety(More)
The present experiments were performed to determine the site of action (hypothalamic or hypophyseal) and the mechanism (dopaminergic or serotonergic) by which morphine increases PRL in monkeys (Macaca mulatta and Macaca nemestrina). To determine the site of action, 9 mg morphine were injected iv to four intact and four pituitary stalk-sectioned monkeys. PRL(More)
Proteoglycans were extracted from the adult human meniscus under dissociative conditions and purified by CsCl-density-gradient centrifugation. The preparations of highest density contained proteoglycan that possessed the ability to interact with hyaluronic acid, was of large subunit size and was composed of chondroitin sulphate, keratan sulphate and sialic(More)
Similar changes in the spoken language of schizophrenic patients were demonstrated in two separate studies. Schizophrenic patients used less depth of clausal embedding and fewer reduced relative clauses; they uttered more semantically deviant sentences and were more dysfluent than either manic patients or control subjects. They appeared to demonstrate a(More)