David McMenemy

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Purpose – The video-sharing website YouTube encourages interaction between its users via the provision of a user comments facility. This was originally envisaged as a way for viewers to provide information about and reactions to videos, but is employed for other communicative purposes including sharing ideas, paying tributes, social networking, and question(More)
The present study examined the influence of the following: 1) air temperature, 2) day into training, 3) self rating of life stress, 4) rating of relative warmth in cold weather, and 5) expectation for liking cold weather training, on 59 soldiers' self-reports of illness and mood during 3 days of training in the cold (-18 degrees to 0 degree C range). Mood(More)
Diphenhydramine causes drowsiness and performance decrements in some tasks whereas terfenadine generally does not. This study examined central nervous system (CNS) differences in response to the administration of diphenhydramine (50 mg) and terfenadine (60 mg) up to 3 h after drug administration. Two evoked potential measures, the Brainstem Auditory Evoked(More)
Purpose: This study sets out to examine the way that Scottish public library authorities are implementing filtering software as a public access Internet management tool. The aim of the study is to determine the extent to which filtering systems are used as a public access Internet management tool and to examine the nature of this implementation. This(More)
Digital libraries are evolving from content-centric systems to person-centric systems. Emergent digital services are interactive and multidimensional, associated systems multi-tiered and distributed. A holistic perspective is essential to their effective analysis and design, for beyond technical considerations, there are complex social, economic,(More)
This paper reports on an evaluation carried out on behalf of the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) of a Scottish Executive initiative to fund a year's use of a major commercial digital library service called SCRAN throughout public libraries in Scotland. The methodology used for investigating value for money aspects, content and nature of the(More)